my first interior

soo what do i need to add and how can i make lighting better?


Lower the power on a few of them if you have multiple lights.

all the light is coming from windows there is 2 on left and 2 on right
the colored lights are just to add sexiness :3

Out of curiousty, the sexiness light, as you put it, in the back, is it suppose to be multiple light bulbs, one or two incandescent light tubes?

incandescent light tubes :3

this is never going to end :frowning:


  1. More samples! You can clearly see ‘spot artefacts’ due to either AO or a sample amount that’s too low. Also, increase the resolution. These 2 factors can GREATLY enhance the photorealism of an image.

  2. The water faucet seems incredibly small. If this is a design you made, turn the faucet so that we can see it. Right now it just seems very thin.

  3. What’s on the bookcases? The objects are too random for photorealism. Are the white blocks supposed to be books, or built-in heaters? If you’re going for books, they need covers. The Suzanne heads seem to be floating, rather than laying on the plank. Try repositioning em, and crank up their resolution through subsurfing.

  4. The vases are nice. Perhaps you could make them slightly glossier, but they’re not bad as is.

  5. No cupboards/cabinets? This kitchen seems not very useful. Your garbage bin is big but has no lid. As it seems to be your only bin in the kitchen, it needs a lid to prevent rotten food odors.

  6. Your kitchen is dangerous! You have sharp corners sticking out everywhere. Bevel the sharp corners on the central table and the black marble-ish part where your faucet is. Even 90-degree angles are extremely painful when you hit them. A slight bevel suffices.

That’s all I find for now. Happy blending!

Which image do you want to give us for critique? The one with the bookcase or the one with the painting?

which ever one you think is better… or both they are still different files
thanks for the helpful tips :smiley:

IMO neither of each is complete. There are certain aspects I like from both. I prefer the kitchen with the one big open space that has two vases. However I prefer the book case over the painting.

ill work on it… now i sleep :3