My first interior

My first interior following Andrew Price: Blender Tutorial: Architectural Interior.
And here and there doing my own thing to it, still it is far away for final renders,
more work needs to be done:yes:.

Anny comments or suggestions are more than wellcome.

second picture was made before pic 1 so floor has no gloss and stuff xd.

Is there something hanging from the bathtub on the side? It looks really weird. The corner on the bathtub is also to sharp. From both angle it looks like the tub is really unrealistic thin. The gloss on the floor might also be to glossy/reflective with no imperfections. The tap on the bathtub also looks to almost be the same material as the tub, it should be a little bit darker.

But nice start.

Thanks Clemens45, there is indeed something hanging on the bath side, its where you can putt your soap and stuff:D,
because you cant on the thin side.
And yes the floor no imperfections and to glossy and the tab not the same material like bath but you dont see it.
I should address these things, thanks for pointing them out:yes:.

The scene is looking good. And these are just my opinions and things I noticed.

The linen stand should probably be moved closer to the camera along that wall as where it is now kind of creates a void in where the eye looks. The bathtub steps are a bit sharp and too smooth so I have gray strips drawn where you might put some sort of anti slip type surface on the tops of the steps. One slip on those and talk about major hurt. The tub can be put against the wall and not have that gap there. Maybe also put up a towel rack or shelving over the tub wall, as it is the person can’t really dry themselves unless they get out wet and slip and slide to the towel stand. Maybe put a mirror as well over the sink, (may require a slight camera angle change if you have no back wall for reflection. The cabinet doors next to the shower have a strange shadowing effect going on, not sure if it is a doubles issue or just a lighting issue. Lastly a shower drain.

Again please don’t take this info as anything other than my opinion. The scene looks great though, I just figured I would help point some things out that came to mind when I seen it. Keep with it and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Thanks FlyingBanana, i think i wil redo cabinets doors fix the gab too wall there too , i wil make a mirror , and maybe make steps or your anty slip idea thx we dont want peopel hurt having a bath:D, towel stand i wil do too with towel, and a shower drain.
And the positions of serten objeckts i wil fix , working on the bathtub rightnow.
Since i am going for realness look render i find your comment great and verry visual:D now i can look back onto this and fix these issues
thanks a ton:yes:.
I wil update;).

You are very welcome. Can’t wait to see the changes. Glad my comment didn’t come off as too harsh or rude as it was not intended to. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Nice choice of colors.

Though the view out the window is kinda odd looking.

Thanks , yup the glass comes from archimesh addon , but you are right , glass works like magnifying’r or it is the outside , i dunno yet , i wil try to fix:D

Hi all, i made littel change’s , time is something you need for this:D, looking forward too my days off.
so here are update’s off what i am up to.
Made the resolution way higer to seeing things better 4096 x 2500, one with denoiser and one without both 700 samples, not sure if i going to keep this ress ,camera angle and position, i would like to take renders later wen fin from diffrent angle.
I know this all wil take way more works maybe even some redo of serten objects, and more objeckts.

PS: how big of deal is it wen you use pretty low ress texture , like i did for my marble?
Again all comment is welcome.


I cant seem to upload the 700 samples with no denoiser , the .png is for some reson 21MB:D , so we stick with this one for now.
The nekst post wil have change’s again.

Hi all ,some more change’s , and dont be shy:D! All comment is wellcome , good and bad i like them both:yes:.

good progress but i have to say i get distracted by the amount of colors (yellow shelves, bleu marble, green environment).
most interiours have 1 base color and 1 secundairy color.
think it can be a lot cleaner to put the same material in the shower as behind the mirror.
mabye you can bring the color in the image to put:

  • a small table next to the bath with some bleu tubes/candles
  • a rails with white/bleu towels of place ovf the shelves.
  • a metal shelve in het shover with some tubes
  • towels on the ground.

some technical points:

  • showers produce water :wink: so the marble should be to the top.
  • the handle is very big almost 30 cm.

gool luck!

Thx Happy smurf: you mean the marble to the ceiling?, and yes my environment aint no good for this i think, the green leaves works like
lamp and i only wanted the sun light , and the leaves for background , plus in this render i forgot to solidify the windows so we have the fishbowl effeckt.
The blue marble i gonna keep tho, i like it allot:D, the wood il dunno you are right to yellow, towel and or towel rack with towel i have to make yet , but i will do it.
And i wil try a smaler handle in nekst render.
Thx for your comments and idea’s, gives me stuff to think about , thats what i needed:yes:.

about the blue color: you are right olit looks nice. but try to match the color with some other stuff.

  • yes marble to yhe ceiling. or you have to make some fungus places :wink:

Hi all here are some more change’s, i let you find them out;) again all comments are wellcome.