My First Landscape

I take as much criticism as you can give :smiley: Im fully aware its not perfect, and want to improve :smiley:
There are over 1800 trees (i only made them visible in the parts the camera would see, if not it would be 4x is much)

EDIT: I will be adding birds, and a few more small things to enhance the realism, if you have any ideas if what to add, then please do comment them :smiley:
EDIT 2: the image has been changed. I personally feel like its much better now


Trees leaves could use more color variation.

In a shader you also could use โ€˜Object Infoโ€™ node to create variation for instances.

Its just scattered spheres. In the sphereโ€™s material, Object Info/Random got plugged into a ColorRamp, which is plugged into the main shaders color input.

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thank you so much, thatโ€™s actually really really useful :smiley:

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