ok so here is my first serious low poly attempt:
ve:283 fa:546
reference image:
with the reference as a texture:

btw the reference image is not mine , i found with google.

Assuming that the rest of the body will total 1000 faces, that’s a pretty good low poly model, especially for your first one. Most low poly models like that are about 3000 when they are done, so you could probably go up a little bit more. I would start by adding a little bit more detail on the ears. I could give a better critique if you show a smooth shaded solid version of the model. That will give us a good clue as to how it will shade in real time.

The thing that will make or break a low poly model is the texture. The texture, since it’s the reference pictre, looks okay right now. The reference image is a little cartoony so the face looks flat. You should paint the texture so it has the illusion of 3D form, which the reference image is barely doing. Put more shading detail on the face and it will look really good.

I really hope you are going to texture the entire model on your own. Again, texturing makes or breaks a low poly model.

But yeah, good start so far. Keep it up.


That looks quite cool so far, I think you could add a few more details to the face with reference to metsys’s post. I also agree about the lighting, just add a sun for tempoary measure while you’re modeling. Also, change the background to something like white or black so it’s easier to see. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

From Daniel

OOPS! I voted “it’s pretty good but not too great”

…but actually didn’t think how important that the Low-Poly was involved. I assume you are into the game engine.

So my vote should have actually been better. Sorry :expressionless:

wow…votes are much better than i had expected…will have to continue it! unfortunatly i won’t have much time so expect slow progress…

looks cool, but a word of advice is keep your quads until ready to export to the engine, then convert to tris.

Quads are easier to manipulate.