My first mod.

Yes, it’s a flash drive, 8 gigs btw. Now I’m trying to find awesome casing for a SD > USB adapter =D

Sweet! Just don’t use as an eraser too much or you’ll end up rubbing off the transistors. Um, at least that looks possible judging from the pictures. Are you planning to smuggle or something?

No, it works perfect! It even lights up. Now I’m trying to find something to mod my SD > USB adapter in.

Any other comments?

That is kinda cool, but kinda pointless…:spin:

How’s it pointless??? I made everyone laugh when it’s in my MacbookAir because you can’t see the usb, all you see is an eraser sticking out. Also I threw it at full force at tile floors and it’s 100% indestructible!! A safe and stylish way to store your data.

Also my card is a GeekSquad card, when I took it apart I realized all they did was take a SanDisk card and put it in a shell that said GeekSquad!!! And they charged double the price!?! The card says right on it SanDisk (on the chip) but it says NOTHING about sandisk on the case or label. Faggots…

Well, SanDisk IS a flash memory manufacturer, after all. Question is, why did you buy a flash drive that was twice the price of a generic one :confused:

It was the only 8 gig one left (they were all sold out) The point is I could of got the exact same one from SanDisk!!!