My first model (anime/manga character) [Advice wanted]

Hi, I’m a noob and I would appreciate any advice.
I’m working on my first model, a male character called Bucciarati from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Manga).

Before adding a detailed texture, I wanted to see it with color, so I added simple materials for each part.
I kinda liked how it looked with solid shading, but I kinda hate how it looks now with color…
He looks a bit hideous.

Is it a matter of details like eyelashes and skin color, or is it a matter of geometry??

Any advice on anything is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Here are my reference pictures.


Is it a matter of details like eyelashes and skin color, or is it a matter of geometry?

Details, not geometry.

It needs skin imperfections (you could just add a skin texture to the skin material), and materials such as the gold need to be reflective to make it less hideous (but by then you might as well go and do everything properly)

Thank you so much for your advice unyxium!

I will definitely try to add some details on skin, hair, and so on.

In terms of the gold parts, I added anisotropic BSDF material.
So it looks shiny with rendered view.
Is it recommended to use texture on diffuse BSDF material (like lighter color for reflection and darker color for shadows) when considering rendering time?
I still don’t understand what is time consuming for rendering and what is not.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

i feel like the face /cheeks are a little too thin.

Thank you for your comment, SandraDau!

After you pointed out, I feel the same too.
I’ll try to fix it!