my first model !!!!! :D:D:D

guys can u believe this :D:D:D

i actually managed to make a model :):):slight_smile:

tell me what u think about my model :):):slight_smile:

it took me very long time to do XD

very nice for a first :slight_smile:

thaaanks :D:D:D

Honestly, that’s way better then my first 10 scenes. Keep up this rate of improvement, and you will be there in no time.


two crits:

  1. Subsurf your fruit (editing/modifiers/subsurf)
  2. Weird wood texture, needs to be consistent in one direction.
    other than those two things, this is a very good first model :slight_smile:

<---- never finished anything except Gus the gingerbread man…
GJ for a first

thank you soomuch :):slight_smile: this shue is encouraging ^^