My first model - Marmot

I got blender a few days ago and started watching some tutorials, anyways I decided to make a marmot which may potentially be put into a game. I’m quite happy with it, the feet are obviously unfinished, but other than that I’m satisfied. I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips or suggestions?

If you’re planning on just using this as whatever, and not for a game, you should add a subsurface modifier (in the edit panel). It looks a LOT better than my first model.

Err, just curious here…why are you using version 2.45? I suggest getting the latest 2.4x version, which is 2.49, or if you are bold enough you can go for the 2.5 builds. But 2.45??

Also, have you had any 3d modeling experience b4? if not i suggest making something simpler, or at least inorganic. As organic stuff in my opinion is harder.
Of course the choice lies with you.

As for the model, i dont think its a bad start, but also i dont think their is anything to comment on until you add more detail.

Whatever you do, best of luck to ya!

Now paint Project the picture onto the mesh!

What do you mean by that?