My first model

This is my first real model, so I am still in the stage of learning what everything does. I am not to concerned about getting this model to look perfect as that is what I am going to be looking on doing in future models.

But just some critique on my general modelling, anything that you can see is wrong and just general issues I can work on for my next model.

PS. Supposed to be a beret, looks crap tho :frowning:

Well, there ARE several areas you need to improve upon:

  1. The mouth looks a little small for the size head you’ve modelled
  2. That little dip between the nose and the top lip has really creased up, and the top part of the lip itself seems to blend straight into it.
  3. The top lip is too thin
  4. The eyes are a little bit too far forward - I suggest moving them back, then making more edge loops around them to define the area more

The ears look OK, but I can’t really tell from this shot - they do seem a bit large though. In all a very good attempt for a first time, so don’t be disheartened by what I’ve said. I’m still struggling with making heads myself, so don’t be too put off. Keep practising!

Prehaps it would of also helped me showing the reference picture :slight_smile:

The reference has a small mouth, but I agree about the top of the lip and how thin it is.

Then in that case you would have to widen the lower part of your jaw, square off your chin and pull out the cheek bones out a little more

You’re off to a good start. You’ve got good reference photos and you’ve come pretty close to matching them. I suppose there are mesh and edge loop issues, there always are… Check out the tutorials on Face modeling: Torq’s “A better face tutorial” or bgDM’s Adrianna. The wiki has a page full of links, better than the search engine… Torq’s tutorial is listed under “specific object modeling, human/”

small tip to make good ref images.

let the cam stay at the same position and only you rotate on your chair.

and the most important one make images in which the persepective distortion is as limited as possible. this means make tele images.

this way when you work in ortho also you ref images refelct that and you final head will match you real head in perspective view.

Cheers fr that, i took the pics on my phone so didn’t have that option
but next time i will use dig camera.

and Orinico, they are the tutorials I used to learn how to model the head :smiley:

thine model’s top lip dimplage art too prominentethly extruding and too closethly positioned togethereth.

thou mayest also find favor in providing more lightething for good sir’s renders.

Fie upon thy cur’s rendering of the Elizabethan tongue. Get ye to a nunnery for to harken well on thy peer’s cant.

Oh, and Livett, for more detailed critique of your mesh, I’d suggest you post some wires (window dumps [Ctrl+F3] of the mesh seen in orthographic mode, edge select mode, solid mode, front view, side view.) If you do have things that need cleaning up, they don’t show in renders. Wires will help people give you better advice on the mesh itself, in addition to anything they might notice about the shape.

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