My first nice looking grass

For some reason I can’t light the dark spot.


That IS really nice looking grass. Wish my yard was that green.

Hmmm, doesnt look like grass so much as undergrowth or something. Still, It looks really good. thumbs up.

I like the “softness” of the grass, if you made this with particles, you could increase the particle amount a bit. It looks like the Suzannes are hiding in the grass, playing a game…thats funnny…
Now you should plant a tree and put in some rabbits.

I cant make grass for crap! This is a really nice job, man.

Looks great to me! Can you give a quick explination of how you did it? Maybe post some wireframes.

It is really quite simple. Use strand shading, a texture of your choice probably clouds, and LIGHTING!!!. Lighting is the secret. I may make a real tutorial soon.

Nice grass dude. did u use a Beizer curve as a path to put it in shape? or did u just set the random filter?

No bezier, just played with the settings. I did use some random.