My first person

I’m trying to make my first full body person. I feel a bit embarrassed when comparing this to other people’s work, but then again who really cares. Please tell me how I can improve my technique. Currently, my person is too round, looks like a baby. I can’t figure out how to fix this issue.

BODY.blend (615 KB)


No need to be “embarrassed”, that doesn’t do any good.

You created something and you are trying to make it better. That’s the simple essence of improving as an artist, so good job. Just repeat that over and over and you’ll be making better stuff before long. I am not even trying to be encouraging here. Hope you keep up the good work.

As for improvement, at the moment your model is too simple to say what your vision is. Is your guy naked or clothed? If he’s naked you don’t need to model mr. happy but pick one area: a leg, arm, hand, face. Look a little deeper into it, learn about the muscles and bones etc. and try to model that area with more detail. Do the same for the other areas, one by one. You can try to find a tutorial of someone else modeling a human and try imitate them but I think it’s more important to study human anatomy.

The most importnat thing now is to forget about “perfection” and keep going, improving one little thing at a time.

We all start from somewhere. It’s always good to have a reference to model from. It’s basically a blueprint to get the final design. Look around and find images or even models of how the body is suppose to look.