My first photo-real image

(lerpiedood) #1

Finally after a days work I came up with this, what do you think?

(acasto) #2

Well, I don’t want to sound harsh. It does look good, I’ll give you that. But to be photo-real, shouldn’t we have something in the real world to reference from. A potential photograph. I think unless I was in the Martix (in the room of nothing but white), I would not be able to take a photo like that. Does it look real? Well, what is it supposed to be? :wink: :smiley:

(basse) #3

heh… well, it’s a cube… photorealism I dont know, but as a cube in general it looks nice. just like ztonzy’s… except you have more spots.


(bmax) #4

hm…if you want to see some photo realism, check out the lw gallery…

It’s a good start though, if you’re new to 3d. I started out that way too, but at that time i was using bryce 4, which is actually not nearly as good as blender (except for the built-in renderer).

(Jamesk) #5

It looks exactly like a cube, made with Blender, sitting on a plane with an envmap that needs a higher resolution. The word ‘photorealism’ implies a hell of a lot more than that.

Don’t be discouraged. Photorealism is very, very hard to do. Even harder when you’re using the Blender scanline renderer.

(schock) #6

I am sensing sarcasm in this post. I don’t know why…

(Xtra) #7

blendermax, I followed your link. Damned, that IS photo-realism! Pics like this hurds my eyes … :slight_smile:


(blengine) #8

looks nice, the lighting is great… if only that cube had a scene with it, becuase its not photoreal yet… it looks like it could be part of a nice modern art sculpture by a huge foutain waterfalling down alot of steps, outside next to a building maybe… then, theres where some good photorealism would take place =)
add a scene and try out the photorealism, its easier when u have something to work with

(Bentagon) #9

it could be a white modern room with a reflecting floor and a blue cube to sit on (saw one of those once in a store) :stuck_out_tongue:

(lerpiedood) #10

by photorealism I meant looked quite real. Its more surreal then photoreal, and you would most likely not find something like that in real life. For this image I was practicing getting good rending and enviro map effects, so that I will later model a new object such as a head, and maybe in the future a mech thing, and make it look good. And yes I have modeled heads before.

(Olpainless) #11

The actual cube quality is excellent, it seems… leathery, plastic, kind of like one of those huge playroom cubes you see.
Maybe that could be an idea for you to try?