my first post...

hi everybody !

This is my first post…and my first work made with blender.
I am a newby in computer graphics so what do you think of it ?

(sorry my english isn’t very good :expressionless: …)

Link would be nice

Sorry i forget the picture :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Looks nice, now some more texturing work and it looks great.
Ok maybe little more details too, but for first work it looks incredible.

Keep blendering

maybe a bit of raytracing would also be good, some reflections ffor example :slight_smile:

but good job

Hey peace maker from tours : ça va ??? :stuck_out_tongue:
Tu est inscrit sur le NG ???

En tout cas c’est splendide :slight_smile:

I was saying that it was a nice job for a beginner no ???

very nice dude, great start. i’d give the textures a little more detail, and make a bump map or two for it. crank up the reflection <REF slider> and the specularity slider <SPEC> for a more shiny look.

that’s better than what i can do now and i’ve been blendering for quite some time now

better than my first one I ever did. All I did was make a wall and use a brick texture and said, “Hey! Look what I can do!!”

Nice work, can’t wait to see it finished and all that.

Sorry i forget the picture …

lol dont worry, happened to me a few times =) i think its happened to everyone at least once

nice picture, and very glad to see you used osa =) alot of newbies(my past self included) didnt even know what osa was

any plans for a scene?