My first project: Table with Chairs

Well this is my first project in any 3D software package… any crits? (I haven’t made the roof yet, don’t complain about it :P)

Not bad at all for a first project. It’s certainly better than my first project. The chairs all seem to be furry though, was that the intent? I would also make the scene a little darker and texture the walls and floor. Welcome to the enourmous, addictive, insanity-causing world of Blender!

Keep on blending!

XrQLz :wink:

looks great for a first project.
one thing, ther isint any light comming out of your lightbulb?

Thanks for the reply. It was actually my intent for the chairs to have some fur - to make them more comfortable, in my next update I will post both versions, with and without fur. Also with general improvements. Thanks :slight_smile:


I know it doesn’t look like that, but I actually placed the lamp inside the lightbulb, anything I could do so it looks more real?

you could use a spotlight, make the come the same angle as the “reflector” on the light, then in the options for the light turn halo on (this only works for spotlights)