My first project, want feedback and suggestions!

Yes, this is my first piece of blender art, I know that it’s not to great, but
hey! You have to start somewhere!

Want feedback and suggestions about what that could’ve been better, and maybe a tips on how to improve.

It doesn’t appear that you applied “Set Smooth” to the face. You’ll find it all the way to the left in the edit buttons. Also, TorQ has a great tutorial in, you guessed it, the Tutorial Forum. It’s called “A Better Face”, and it really is the best way to make a head.

nise first try, ur the first person that ive seen trying to start making a face as the first project but as you said, you gota start somewhere

what method did you use for creating the face?? box modeling?

since this sint the final render you may want to consider adding AO 9ambient oclusion) to the scene, its justa way to brighten eevrything up without having to set up the lights

you can find it under “sading” (f5) and then clicking the buton all the way on the right (world buttons) and then look for a tab that says "AMB OCC)

@Alden: Thanks for the tips!
@vitaliy: Thanks, and I made it out of planes that I extruded and scaled and such.

I’d suggest using reference drawings or photos for your next head. TorQ’s tutorial provides reference drawings to use with his tutorial, and mr_bomb has thoughtfully provided Adrianna_Front.jpg and Adrianna_Side.jpg references to go with his video tutorial. If you want feedback while you work through your new projects, start up a thread in Work-In-Progress, or, if you’re a real glutton for punishment, I mean, really want some serious critique, in the Focused Critique forum.

Welcome to BlenderArtists.

Thanks, I will try to follow his tutorial and see what I can do :slight_smile:

I like it, I just download blender, I am in Art 4 ( Highschool) but I have never used a Animation Program before.