My first project

Hello everyone.

I have to confess that after several years of playing with hexagon, carrara, bryce and poser I have definitly become a blenderhead. It seems to me to be a more solid unit. But enough about that :D.

I have been reading several books that I have purchased from amazon about blender and seem to have grasped the essential basics and started on what some may say is a really big project for a first timer… (I like a good challenge :cool:).

I am currently building what is sometimes referred to as an american beach holiday home (but I could be wrong on that one) and thought that you may like to view the progress as it develops…

At this moment in time I am building the actual structure and I will be going on to creating the fittings. So far I have constructed the base, floor, external walls and the basic roof construction. My next job is to start developing the door and windows.

Any comments on the structure will be greatly appreciated.


It looks good. You need to make the walls thicker though.

Yes I know what you mean, but as I said I have created the “external walls” which is essentially the cladding and then I will create the internal walls once the Window and door frames give me an ideal overall depth between the external and internal walls.
Thanks for your comment…


ok. Good luck with it.

Here is the latest stage of the on going project…

Any comments are welcome

looks pretty good!
however, I would suggest having the sunlight come from the left, to make it more interesting (although I’m aware that it’s not that point yet)
in general, a house on the beach in America is and expensive deal, because good beachfront property is expensive.
so usually the people who can afford beachfront property can also afford a nicer, fancier house. ex.--

this cottage, in comparison, would look much more at home on the prarie, IMO.

the roof, if that’s how you want it, you need to join the separate pieces; I can see the seams.
I would suggest a asphalt shingle roof, however, because it’s much more common.
It seems like a house on the beach it generally built more up on pillars, so as to be stable on the sand.
Also a bigger porch would fit nicely, maybe with rails, and/or screens.

looking forward to updates :slight_smile:

Thanks for your notes spacetug and I will keep your ideas in mind during the final build of the house. As you note, the sun position is not really relevent at the moment but again I will look into it when I reac h that stage.
Thanks again for your comments and they are greatly appreciated.

I love it! can’t wait to see how your sand shader will look.

  • how did you model the grid in the lower part of the house?

I’m glad you like it Joni.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out too so keep your eyes peeled (grin!)

The grid took a bit of working out and a few handfuls of hair (hence I am now as bald as a coot LOL). It would be a little difficult for me to explain in text but I guess I could write an image based step by step tutorial pdf if you are really intersted.

The last image you posted looks really good. I did see a little bit of a seam between the roofs ribbing and the base of the roof, might want to move it down just a hair, or make it all one mesh. Keep the images coming :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note Khnum.

I will look into the seam issue between the roof ribbing and roof base and try to get them closer though I will keep them as seperate parts because the ribbing is essentialy wooden slats whilst the top of the roof is covered with asphalt.

Thank you everyone so far for your comments and please keep them coming as they are helping me to learn more about our favourite program at the same time… after all, I have only been using blender for just over 3 months.

Hello everyone.

If you have been wondering what I have been up to since I offered my last update image, I have been creating the fixtures and fitting for the windows which you can view here…

Next I will create the door fittings and then place them in their prospective place and then begin on the internal design.

All comments are welcome.