My first "real" 3D model - ABT-120 - Realistic Cold War Era Main Battle Tank

Now that I’ve finally finished my project, it would probably be a good idea to share it around.

So this is my first “real” 3D project, and it was a hell of a job to do, I gotta admit. But now that it’s finally finished, it doesn’t feel all that bad anymore… :smiley:

If you want to know more specific details visit my Google+ page. I don’t want to fill this page with a wall of text. You can also see how horrible my first models were, and then compare to this to see what I mean… xD

Anyway, the reason I posted this is to hear feedback from you guys. So what do you think about this model? All kind of feedback is welcome and I appreciate your comments a lot!


I like this project :ok_hand::+1: