my first "real"model

Hi everyone,
I’m new to blender and I have done quite a lot of messing around, but this is my first model I took seriously. I think its not bad for a first try, isn’t it?


Very good start! I can see clearly that it is a BMW 5, good job! :yes:

-there are a few weird things in the mesh: especially in the front bumper.
-materials aren’t good: weird colours, no reflections, … headlights and windows aren’t transparent (Make sure you selected the ZTransp- or Ray Transp-button!)
-a scene and better lighting would be great!

Good work though. Keep it up!


The problem is that I have no idea how to render, and I didnt find any tutorials.
do you know of any? thx
the little rendering I did was just playng with the controles, and seeing what they do… the backround is also inprovised, I just put the whole thing in a box.
I really need those tutorials,
thx again

Don’t know many tutorials: maybe the wiki is helpful?
The best way to learn is trying out some things (and search in the wiki or in this forums!)

On this site, there are threads where you can ask help/support. I don’t think I can help you (I’m a kind of noob too :o) but I’m sure others can!

Good luck with it & have fun,

For a first serious model thats a great start. I agree with galardo…more reflections, better environment, lighting etc.
I say work on making your edges and faces smoother and and sharpening the creases.
Materials and lighting are a pain in the butt but thats how you get things looking really good.
You can use buffer spot lights to get those nice soft shadows… or you can use area lights with high samples…or you can use another renderer other than blender internal.
I’ll probably make a tutorial myself after I’m done with my current project but for now you can check out these: