my first render ! [light]

hi all!
this is my first work in 3d world, i started using blender 2 days ago %|
i know i can improve it soooo much :stuck_out_tongue:
normal render
yafray (uhm i couldn’t get it brighter)

i don’t know how to subsmurf because i lose the angles of the base and the top (only one mesh), so itsn’t smooth :-?
C&C really appreciated :smiley:

Welcome to Elysiun!

It looks good, a little short though. But that may be what your going for. You might want to try hitting “Set Smooth” it’s in Edit Buttons(F9). That might help with making it smoother. I can’t say much about Yafray as I have not had much experience with it.

Keep up the good work!


i would add some AO and increase your raytracing resolution! other than that it is great! I am jealous! my first work didn’t have reflections or anything! (then again i started in the day when raytracing nor AO were supported!) Keep up the good work! :smiley:

ty very much :slight_smile:
something strange is appening btw
maybe for my bad modeling :frowning:
AO was yet 16 , can’t get what do u mean with “increase raytrace resolution” :expressionless: … sorry but my english sucks :frowning:
smooth one:

For the red part you may need to “Recalc Normals” and you can do that by selecting it, going into Edit Mode, selecting all vertices and hitting CTRL-N. That should solve the problem.

ty, but nope still curved :frowning:
i’ll go to sleep, italy —> 4 a.m. %|