My first retopology

Hi everyone,

I’m new to blender and I just did my first retopology.
I tried to retopo onto a sculpt that I made, to animate the face later.
I clearly think that my retopo isn’t that good, it doesn’t look consistant and regular.
Do anyone have advices or can tell me things I messed up in my retopo ?
I join the retopo on the topic

Sorry for my english, I’m from France

I attach here the sculpt, I can only join 1 photo by message cause I’m new on the forum.

Honestly it looks pretty good to me, you have nice quad flow. You might have more polygons than you need, you could probably dissolve a few edge loops

Thank you for your answer. I’ll try to dissolve some edge loops but I don’t really understand how many polygons I really need in some areas.
I’ll do it and post here the result

I deleted some edge loops but not so much
Do you think I can rig and weight paint this mesh and it will be good for facial animation ?

Yeah, that’ll work great for animation :slight_smile: I would recommend not using a subdiv modifier on it, if you are, and just shading smooth instead. You have plenty and to spare polygons for animation :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you man !

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