My first sculpt... Weird faces/normals!

So, i started out on Blender a year ago, but only ever modelled cubes and stuff. I then decided to make a sculpt, and went for this alien thing, sticking out of a machine. I intend to animate it, so followed some tutorials on modelling properly. I box-modeled this creature, and bumped up the polygons, so i could sculpt it. But then these faces on the neck, got alle weird-looking. I tried recalculating the normals, but can’t get them to dissapear. Please help!

I put a picture of the model rendered, and one unrendered, and as i said, recalculating doesn’t work.

You’ve been using the mirror modifier? It’s not just unmerged vertices…?

Oh… I didn’t think about that, lol :slight_smile: yes, it was some unmerged vertices, and took two clicks with the mouse to finish… thanks a lot man, it really irritated me :smiley: