My first simple python script

(rivenwanderer) #1

Similar things have been done before, and there are better ways to do this, I know, but everyone has to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Example blend

example render {frame from an animation in which each frame has empties automatically correct for reflection}:

It uses a setup of tracking empties, and the script positions the empties for you. Sorta. Take a look and see :slight_smile:

(DreamMaster) #2

Good script, tried it… like it! :slight_smile: Easy to use. Good try for first python script! Hey I should try something like that too! :wink:

(jms) #3

I know only one script which made this correctly for any plane:


(tHe-IcemAn) #4

Yep, I made one also where you could move and rotate the mirror plane. The other script is almost useless if you must keep the mirror a Z=0 !!