My First Star Ship

Hey here is my first starship (i know textures are kinda crappy but it’s the best i could find hehe). How do u guys get ur textures and how do u get them to perfectly match and look the way you like. Also anyone know how to do fire coming out of the engine? I would like to create a short animation of a ship flyby can someone help me with that one, comments appreciated. This is also my very first project…

Well its a start, i would work on the actual model, make it less boxy, or add more detail. Cant help in the texturing department but, if that is the back of the shit and that blue part is the engine, i would try some halos or particles

this aint the best but its a great start

Also, this site is great for scifi stuff and if you sign up for free you get access to tutorials, go to the blender section and one tut is on adding plating to a ship, that might interest you.

A good way to know how to do stuff is to google it.
This might also help, haven’t tried it yet, but looks good.

The way people make there textures so good is UV mapping. That’s were they take the mesh, divide it into parts, and then export it to a picture file (tga in Blenders case). They then get a painting program (most people here use The Gimp, cause it’s free and pro grade) and paint the textures on.

Your model is good, and so are the textures, but the lighting is excellent. It really puts the scene in outer space. The only thing I don’t get is the white stripe on the top of the ship. What’s that?

the white stripe is a bit of strong light gone wrong, i’ll fix it now :slight_smile: thanks for the comment by the way i’ll get Gimp asap (i currently use Fireworks MX)