"My first thread" and early models collection.

  • Can you link to a thread you had going in your early days of using Blender?
  • Do you have screenshots of any of your models from that time?
  • Does not have to be your “first ever” model - just one which reflects something about how far you’ve come.

This is not a thread to put newbies down. I’m hoping people post things in order to give the experienced users a giggle and also to provide some comfort to the browsing newbie who’s otherwise left gobsmacked at what’s in the galleries.

My contribution from the thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=57325 (13 January 2006)


I remember when I did this I was not aware of the Mirror Modifier and was painstakenly duplicating and flipping “the other side” of my mesh every time I made a tiny change.
:eek: I really really owe it to myself to finish that model some time!

My first image posted on here. It was WIP and never was finished.


That’s actually quite impressive zanos, you must have been modeling for some time before posting to the forum.