My first tree scene

(BoitCEZ) #1

This is the first time I tried a nature scene, tell me what you think…

If you cant see it, go here… its the last image.

(pofo) #2

Looks very good
The branch rings are a bit too noticeable.
Please post a bigger picture, I’d like a better look at this. pofo

(wewa_juicyb) #3

Very nice, the grass reminds me of Age Of Empires for some reason… lol I like your other drawings, keep it up!


(BoitCEZ) #4

Ok, here is the bigger one… i dont like it because the tree looks too fake in the big picture!

its the last pic on that site now

(BMD) #5

very nice! how long was the render time?

(BoitCEZ) #6

Render Time?
I would estimate about 8-12 seconds.
And my computer is slow…
400mhz P3
8MB 3d card

(BMD) #7

really? when i did my pine tree it was 5-10 min, on a pentium 4 and a 64 megabyte nvidia gforce 3… oh wait
it was in publisher…
and i had another 8,000 verts in snowflakes…
never mind