My first try at jsplacement


(Pastean Narcis Dan) #2

Nice work, what scale did you make the model? im intrested in the camera DOF settings of your set-up

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(anas) #3

nice work !!!

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The model is actually a displacement map generated using jsplacement And the scale Is just the default plan, which is 2m by 2m. the camera on the other hand is mostly the default settings, my strategy with DOF is just focus on something in the middle and spam the aperture size till it looks good enough lol, here’s a screenshot

i hope that helps, if you want more details i can upload the blend file

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(Pastean Narcis Dan) #5

no, its ok thanks for the screen shot, i`ve been aproaching DOF with totaly different focal lenghts thats why i had trouble

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Np, glad to help


Really nice! Could you supply some source files to look at? I can’t seem to get my jsplacement works to render nicely and it would be inspiring to see how it’s done correctly.

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Here’s the whole blend file but i wouldn’t call my way the correct way lol, have fun and show me what you made after you finish

(Ace Dragon) #9

A nice abstract piece to say the least, shows how displacement can really turn a dull image into a great one if you do it right.

In this case, the heavy contrast works well.

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(Kaustik ) #10

thanks, i’ll have a look. i’m struggling with this technique because i get rough edges. yours look c4d clean :3

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Thanks, feel free to message me if you have any questions, also welcome to the community!