My first video editing project -- mushy

Here is my first video editing project using Blender 2.8:

Problem: final render looks mushy

I believe the problem is that I progressively assembled the final product from MPEG clips that I created, so I was rendering mpegs of mpegs, progressively degrading the video quality. Does that sound right?

So, my question is, how should I render clips to be used in future videos, in a manner that does not degrade?

Which container should I be using (matruska?) and which file format (AVI?) and presumably I select lossless.

Or, am I wrong about MPEG degradation and was doing something else incorrectly?

I know you didn’t ask for this advice in particular…but I hope you don’t mind.

Well done. Good start. As an audio-editor part time, I’d suggest a better mic, and run that audio through some EQ and vocal enhancer presets of some kind. I only use Adobe Audition, so it’s hard for me to say exactly what your software might provide. Also, watch your breaths, and mouth sounds. And in-between sentences or breaks, be sure you’re not making a mouth sound or breath, and if you do, edit that out, and fade or crossfade that as well…sometimes a ‘healing brush’ of some kind is all you need to remove some of those if your software allows.

I don’t really want to discuss other aspects, but having a degree in design as well, I’d say work on your titles/fonts a bit more. They are a bit chunky and thrown on.

Other than that, good edit, great effort. Keep it up sir!

In fact. The pipe with 3d render is to use non destructive sequence of image for render. Like png. That have another advantage of resuming render if you crash where it was stopped. Then importing your images sequences into your video editor… and finally use a video format at the end for render.
You are right using video format with destructive compression and re render compressed. Make it worth.

Thank you! All advice is apprecieated.

I am using OBS to capture game video, which captures at 60 fps (default option).

Is that framerate excessive? My computer is being challenged by the file size.

What would be an adequate framerate (30,24)? I’m not sure what I would lose going to a lower framerate.

The same as your edit…30 I sppose