My first walk cycle

This is the first walk cycle I ever created. ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ was of very good help here to get me to understand how to make a character walk. There is still some finetuning needed, but I think it looks good for a first time.

It’s good for a cartoonish styled walk, but there is some very noticeable “popping” in the video. Also, you would want to have a fluid continuous motion in a walk cycle. I notice a slight pause after a couple of steps.

Thanks for the advice.

Yes, model looks good but the hand animation while walking should be straight and there is the position of animation is changing on many frames maintain the position so it will look better.

Good job pmtulp. Yeah that book (Animators survival kit) is an absolute must have purchase for anyone interested in animation, whether 2D, stop motion or computer animation.