My first WIP, a sword

Hey everyone, my first real WIP, It is a sword I am working on. Note that the handle isn’t my concern at the moment, I am tweaking the blade, this took about 45 minutes so far.

Now for texturing, how do I create a nice gleam for the metal blade? Please tryo to keep it simple, any tutorials on this would be great. I’m a newb, very newbish.

Happy Blending,

come on guys, I need some advice, check it out please…

hehe remind me of my beginning with blender…my first sword…hehe I’m nostalgic…

Commetn: Ok nice start, for the material…
for a very simple one: You know how to make a new material for the object? if not go here and check the material and texturing section (this site is the one of valarking)…ok now make a grey color for your blade. Then make the spec (specularity) slider at his maximum. It should look like a nice shiny blade. Then add a lamp and press f12. Voilà!

I know it’s not the best way of making a cool looking blade…but it’s the simpliest! You can also check over the net to find a tut about Env mapping (environnement mapping) this could help! :wink: Keep up blending!

Mesh is very… er… basic…

but we’ve all started this way :wink:

For a cool look you need an EnvMap, every material without an envmap looks plastic, regardless of how much you tweak the settings.

For an Envmap to be cool the mesh must be somewhat with curved surfaces, otherwise the result is damn poor.

So, advices:

Rebuild the blade more high poly, make it thin and accuminate but be sure that the cross section has curves.

Look for the tutorials those dealing with reflections, apply an EnvMap to the material. Don’t use the standard way to compute the Envmap , it is useless if you don’t have an environment. Use a generic image as Envmap instead!

Happy blending


BTW, I updated it.

Check this out:

I’ve got a similar project… haven’t done much lately, but I’m planning to post an update soon. Some of the feedback I’ve gotten may be helpful for you too…

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