my first WIP in blender
Its my first model in blender and i need some critics

for me about 1/4th the picture loads, then it stops. Can you put it on a better domain?

Same here - I hope you can fix that, I’m really interested in other people’s first works.

If this truly is your firts WIP it look fantastic. Nice modelling and the face has a personal expression. On thing that I noticed is that the back of the head is quite pointy… The problem could probably be solved simply by increasing the Subsurf level by one.

Keep blending and welcome to elYsiun!

Quite nice for a first work, you have quite a bit of potential

Only suggestion i have is to make it asymetrical, right now both halves are identical, you will never see this. Other than that, awsome for a n00b :wink:


very nice first wip, my only crit is that the back of his head isnt round enough, keep up the nice work.

just an update

i am not noob in 3d it is my first work in blender. and here just displacement map test made with zbrush

Good modeling I really have no crits scence I’m new to blender, my question is what is a WIP?

very nice modelling,

it means work in progress

Wuah, that’s a yucky creature! Nice model, the only crit I have is the eye socket - I think it should be closer to the eyeball, covering it.