my first with blender

hi all of you im ashamed to show you my work im big beginner , i have defficulty in materiel texture rendrening can any one help me ??? mt.blend (1.39 MB) iwill take you re help as a reference for other work ( shit ) :wink:

There’s nothing wrong with showing your work. Everyone has a start in things. Unfortunately, 2 things wrong. One, you are asking the question in the wrong part of the forum. Two, I can’t help you since I never came across this problem before.

I dont understand what you are asking. You have no materials applied to the model…
You should also apply smooth shading.
And yes, wrong part of teh forum…

Never be ashamed to show your work! It looks pretty good considering you are new :slight_smile: But the reason you cant get materials to work is because there are none added to the model…

Oh yeah, absolutely never be ashamed. You will be amazed at what you will learn from the people here.

tnks all of you i need someone how applie the materiels ; light , … and show me how gonna be the result :wink:

tnks all of you i need someone how applie the materials ,light … and show me the result ( im tired to do this part million time with out any beauty :wink: )

Watch this tutorial. Youll learn alot from it.