My First Work Ever


I am new to Blender and I see it as a great 3D Program. I like it and above all, it makes good Results. Here are the First Works I have Ever done in Blender, and I think they’re good. But I’ll let you be the Judge of that.

So Here they are:

The First Image:
![ Render 50% Size (High Quitaliy).png]( Render 50% Size (High Quitaliy).png)

The Second Image:
![ Render 50% Size (High Quitaliy) with Wooden Wall.png]( Render 50% Size (High Quitaliy) with Wooden Wall.png)

For more information please Visit my Site. [The Link can be found in my Signature]
Please look around my site and maybe say Hi at the Forum. [No Registration Required]

I don’t Intend to make changes to these Renders. Please don’t ask for them.


wow sweet

for a first project-render-work thingy those are awesome!! (can tell you are gonna grow up to be a really good blenderhead!)

so much better than my first work shudder


I’m really looking forward to making more Images.

Please look at my Site for more Information on the Project…

See ya!

pretty good for a first one.

this is probably what my first one ever looked like hahahah lol : )


It looks as though you’ve been working in 3D prior to Blender.

Nice texturing, but the model lacks a little, je ne sait quoi, perhaps, oh, I don’t know, modeling, maybe? :eyebrowlift2:

At any rate, welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley: Try looking around off topic chat, too. You’ll fit right in.

That’s the best wooden cube I have ever seen. Good on you for making such a wooden cube. Wooden it be cool if the mods wood put it on the wall ?

You really deserve a slow clap for that… :no:

Cool lighting setup, would I be right it saying this isn’t your first jab at 3D?

Image textures, right?..
It’s alot better than my first work.

So, were did you get those textures? they look pretty nice.

Thanks for all of you Comments,

This was actually The First Work Ever with a 3D Program. I used a Tutorial to find out how the AO works but everything else I’ve done by my self. Actually, if you leave your mouse over a Name, it says what it does.

I got The Textures from Google Search Engine. If you would want them Please Visit my Site under the Downloads Page.

No game programming either?
No kind of computer graphics?

If so, thats quite cool.
Otherwise, thats quite cool anyway :eyebrowlift:

Very nice, I wich my first renders looked like that. I think you could maybe brighten it up a little and add soft shadows…otherwise great job!


yah, I agree, soft shadows add a lot.


ROFL, I’ve taken a few tutorials, but that’s how I learned most of the stuff too. And by just clicking buttons, regardless of what they said. :smiley:

If you want something easier than google searches, go to They have tons of cool textures, and a lot of them are free.

I tend to find myself muttering “I should not have pressed that one” far too often… :o

Ctrl+Z is your friend…and mine too! :eyebrowlift: (If it doesn’t work, make sure your mouse is over the window that you did the last action in.)

One of my best :yes: