My fish project

I have completed my fish model and now trying to texture it . It is very hard for me… Texturing is so boring as i think… Here is a screen shot i have create …please comments …how is it…


Definitely unique, what look are you going for?

The invasion has began

Very neat!
But I secon Chk, do you have specific look you are going for? Not crazy about texturing myself, but if you are just free handing it, that may be one of the probs.
right now it is very neat, but the first that popped into my head from the thumbnail was a fly fishing lure.

AWESOME! It looks like a dragon. Sorta. No, come to think of it, it doesn’t.

wow that is so cool! I love the detail and color texture you used and it’s very original. Good job!

hey are you doing with texture paint!

Mmmmm i think Kayak is batter than fishing in the ocean because you can catch the fishes in limited area in the ocean on your boat and do not acroos the limit where your boat’s entry is impossible but the Kayak have no limit and you can go every cornor in the ocean for fishing and easily catch the fishes but you should need better ecperience for catcht the fishes in the deep ocean water…

Great looking model of fish. But in making the texture, the coloration is very difficult process.
But this good modal preparation would help in lot of ways to texture it.

marine pedestals