My flash animation

I finished this Flash animation the other day and wondered if anyone found it funny. Unfortunately I’ve given up on Blender animation for now in favour of something simpler to just get my writning ‘out there’. Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

(There are semi-rude words!)



rofl that is funny nice animation

:stuck_out_tongue: I got a kick out of it.

haha, that’s great. I especially laughed at the “either way it still needs a refill” part. :slight_smile: My only question is why did you encode this as a video instead of just posting a .swf file?


Thanks for the nice comments! :slight_smile: I got rated 1/5 on comedy soup!! so i’m glad to hear some people like it as I was getting nervous!!

I wasn’t sure if youtube takes swf, and then there are other sites I posted it too that only take wmv’s. e.g. so thats why i chose that format.