My fly-robot

my fly-robot.


Great textures, maybe put it in some type of environment.

Great lighting and amazing texture, love it.

Okay… you absolutely have to create an animation with this fly. That just rocks!

AHHHHHHHH DEMON FLY!!! builds a robot fly swatter =D great work

very nice love the wings

hey! very nice textures and lighting… like it a lot… good job!!!

hey!! like the textures and lighting… very good job

ooo kewl :spin:

Very Good Job!!

Great work

Very good job especially textures, u might place the fly in some other environment so we could see this “beauty” better :wink: I can see this one in some kind of high tech lab environment spying or “simply” being built

reminds me of 1 of mine:
r’u czech?

you could take the files and just exchange meshes and have the anim with your model :slight_smile: Would be interesting to see.

very good image :smiley:

Great textures! Nice job overall

Thanks all… :slight_smile:

Wicked Robo - Fly! Great model!

I have new upgrade. look up. :smiley:

Wow ! I like it ! Great textures :slight_smile:

I know this is a bump from august, but im gonna say that i love it, and i can’t believe i let this one slip past me.