My frist hard surface model

this is my first hard surface model any feedback is welcoming

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That is overall a nice design, I especially like the level of detail you managed to get on the lower section of the model.

However, I am seeing some glitches in the shading, especially on the “handle” on the rear of the arm. This could have a few causes:

1-The faces are not flat.

2-There is overlapping geometry.

3-You have bevels and the model is shaded smooth. This can cause shading issues, because the curved shading from the bevel is leaking on the flat faces around it. If that’s what’s happening, you may want to put a “weighted normals” modifier on the object. It improves the shading of bevels and prevents them from leaking on surrounding faces.

Thank you for the feedback, I already have done all what you have mentioned before but for some reason it doesn’t work probably, I have tried to fix the shading problem but I just give up and I already spend too much time on this project but thanks for your feedback

Not bad for a first attempt :+1:

And as you progress modeling hard surface especially content of an increasingly complex form, readable design language will become pivotal in terms of plausibility.

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