My game Tic-Tac-Toe

I developed a game tic-tac-toe. It is my first complete game in the blender. I would like to know the opinion of all.

Note: Excuse me the bad English, I am Brazilian.:o

download :

Nice, besides the fact that I couldn’t understand the words (:D), it worked great! Good game (especially for a first post!!??)


Thanks! I promise that the next game will have a version in English:yes:! I develop with the blender to 2 years, but I now created courage to show anything:o!

good work , but can you explain the brazilian into english ?

I will try to do a translation of the game for the English in the future. For now I will leave as is. I am so excited to learn new things in Game Engine that I am not interested in changing my old projects:confused:. I also expect to learn English properly, to translate correctly:).

My English is very bad!

this game is awesome. I can’t wait to see your next project.

When I have a new project I will post here …:yes::yes::yes: