My Game

My Game Zombi!(Demo)
Download here
Download .Blend for Blender 2.49a here

Here is my game


Can’t you post a vid. It’s way to dark to see something. Most times, darkness hides bad modeling work.

it’s a 19MB and no .blend file inside?!
So, for win OS users only!

Yes it is only for win OS)))

Here’s another game called the Orange Ball, done 8 levels.The point to bring the ball to the exit.
Download here

You should make a :frowning: of it: now most people won’t play it (cuz they run linux or MAC).

BTW, you should have made this topic at the game demo forum.

Ok will do)

Well, thank you for the .blend!
Cute character and nice setup!
But the game runs at 10FPS in my computer, so it’s a bit laggy!
And I couldn’t go out of the room…yes, I’m not a good tester.
The character’s hands/gun go into the walls…you should make the bounding box a bit bigger?!

the bottom plane is unesesarlly subdivided… slow down quite abit