My greatest fears: Insect Monster

I’ve always feared bees, snakes, and gross beetles. So I made a monster based on these creatures.

New video of my bug monster:


Looks good!

However, why do some of them have a weird white edge around the model?

looks like its badly shopped.

why did you create your greatest fear?

I didn’t see the white edges Adam referred to but I wanted to clarify something in my own mind. Are these pictures of the separate render layers with the final version posted as the last one in the group, the different results of experiments with changes in lighting, material and render settings, or do they demonstrate the differing results of experiments with post processing in another program? Something else completely?

Since this is a finished work, I won’t even try to offer any criticisms. Thank you for posting and sharing this with us.

Edit: Giving form to your fears makes perfect sense to me. Isn’t that largely what horror movie makers and writers do?
Thanks for your reply Senatorbard, I was curious about that.

The different images display varying degrees of subsurface and varying ways of mixing the subsurface.

woah, that is creepy… :slight_smile: i don’t really like bugs…I don’t mind ants, or ladybugs (aka ladybirds in UK…and maybe Canada, but idk, i’ve always said ladybug), and sometimes flies are funny, but larger bugs…ugh.

anyway, looks really good! :smiley: i think i like the third picture best

New video of my bug monster: