My head box-modelling workflow

Alright, I know the picture has some problems around the nose, but that’s not the poitn. What I’m currently working on is a workflow for box/subdivision modelling a face/head. Honestly, I can’t stand poly modelling. Though box/sculpting are perfect for me : ). Anyway, The workflow is pretty straight forward:

  1. Create cube
  2. Apply Subdivision (So you get a spherical cube)
  3. Cut sphere apply mirror
  4. Extrude back 2 polys, shape back of head, makesure neck is cylindrical, squish bottom of neck polies so they’re flat
  5. Starting cutting in a few edgeloops for eyes and mouth
  6. Cut in the circular edgeloops
  7. “Smooth” out the model, (Not by using the function but manually moving verts)
  8. Extrude holes (Eyes, Mouth, Nose holes)
  9. Apply mirror, apply subdiv

I just want to know what I could do to improve topology, Here’s what I got (I had no reference, was just a spontaneous “Imma subdivide model a head”). Ps: If anyone has any suggestions so I can fix the topology, please say.


Well…first of all, that fancy way of rendering your images is not really a good idea. If you want critique on your topology (and modelling in general) you will help the helpers a great deal by providing a clear picture of your situation.
Like screenshots from your view-port in edit mode (vert or edge) from some meaningful angles.

To take a screenshot (render) of your viewport you press this button:
it can then be saved like a normal render with [F3].

As for your exploration of topology you might want to head over here and here. Where much smarter and higher skilled people than me have quite some research on the matter to offer.

Also: As your prefered method is Box-Modelling, you may also want to have a look at Wings3d as a possible addition to your toolset. It has quite some Box related features to offer that blender (yet) lacks.

I’ll go check out Wings3D : ). The only problem is I heard it doesn’t have any subdivision surfaces/holes in models. But, I’m sure if I split the workflow of modelling in wings and tweaking in blender it might bear good results. Also I’m checking out the links on topology now, thanks alot they’re awesome : ).