My hometown - Zlín

Hi, i was working on a website for my home city Zlín for a while. Its about historical changes of industrial area Svit and it was made entirely in Blender.

The web and videos aren’t finished yet :slight_smile: Its a lot of work.


Looks very, very nice! Could you post some words on the renderer and post work?

Wow, that’s some awesome work right there and no doubt about it being a lot of work.
Any idea about roughly how many hours it has taken you to come this far?

The last picture makes me just run through it FPS style. :wink:

Yes darkfejzr, this looks to have been quite an undertaking! The modeling is exquisite (I’m guessing the array modifier was your friend with this project) and I really like how you have lit the scene. The compositing it also quite nice. I enjoy the contrast between old and new.
If I may ask, did you render this in BI or cycles? And how did you choose to light this environment?

These look quite awesome!
Love the look and feel, and the presentation of the website.

Amazing work. I just didn’t get the message… I have no idea what those words mean.
Was it a ghost town and now is being inhabited?
I’ve quickly read about Zlín on Wikipedia and couldn’t find any clue.
Or maybe it’s becoming a ghost town? This would make sense I think, because on the first image the “ghost” part is on the right, and generally, chronological disposition goes from left to right.
I’m also sure that ‘2015’ means something… maybe all industries are going to be deactivated until 2015 (since this only shows the industrial area) and other kinds of buildings will take their place? :slight_smile:

Hi, I have just find that this post was allowed and posted >] Thanks U guys a lot!! You made my day.

As I said - the web is not finished yet, I am preparing new renders with city suroundings.
here is url

I started working on it at september :)))) though i was a beginner with blender so a learned a LOT! and tha quality improved with every month so it needs to be prerender. Later on i will post some break images.

Models were built based on google maps and personal photos.

If you like my work, please be so kind and look at my fb :eyebrowlift:

Very cool…i hope i will see more uses of blender evryvere in future // btw by som bol zvedavý koľko tu je čechov a slovákov :slight_smile: