My interface questions

I realized that I presented my previous question in the wrong section so I’ll just repeat it here:

Yet another function that I see as complicated is the saving of an animation as a movie(Quicktime, Windows Media). How do I do this? I’ve so far created an animation of Lizrie quickly turning his head to look at the camera. How do I save a, let’s say, Quicktime film to my hard drive? I’ve selected the Quicktime option, but don’t know how to progress from that point.

Hi S-Slash,

Hit F-10 for the render buttons. Select the movie format you’d like to use from the ‘Format’ panel. Now click the ‘Output’ tab. Click the top folder icon to set the folder in which you want to save your movie. You can also type a name here for the movie. Finally just click the ‘Anim’ button to render.

Hope that helps,