My jack..

(CurtisS) #1

Hi all,
Here is a preliminary look at a model I am working on for the Photorealism contest.
The past month or two I have been purposely working ONLY within Blender to generate all of my renders. This has forced me to learn some of the small capabilties of Blender that I used to ignore (like colorbands for example). So, this image is all Blender with no image maps (though that is not say that I won’t use them in my final entry… :slight_smile: ).

I would welcome input on what I could work on to get the details right. I do plan on adding more jacks and probably putting them in a more appropriate environment (really… how many kids play jacks on a smooth, shiny table?..).

(S68) #2

Well… I never played jacks and never seen one, but it looks good so far…

maybe some scratches/dirt?


(CurtisS) #3

Really? It’s a children’s game where they have several of these “jacks” which are about the size of a small gumball. They throw the jacks on the ground and then bounce a small rubber ball and try to grab as many jacks as possible while the ball is in the air. If you have seen Monsters Inc, there is a scene at the beginning where one of the “monsters-in-training” get several jacks stuck in his butt.

As for scratches, I am still trying figure out how to do that with procedural textures although I may eventually just use a bump map created in Photoshop.

(S68) #4

Actually I’ve seen them also on the peanuts comics, but it’s a kind of game unheard of here…