My lamp, and first object. Finished!

now I can’t be arsed to do any more on this lamp. The model is done, and since I suck at materials, I’ll just leave it as it is. I’m pretty pleased with it, being my first and all. :slight_smile:

C&C are welcome!

Question: What could be the next step? Anyone have any ideas of objects that’s a good challenge for a beginner? I’m thinking of following a car tutorial and then maybe go for a car or some other vehicle.

I like it [!] You should smooth it out though.

I tried to use “set smooth”, but every part got so shiny, I guess that has to do with the material. :slight_smile:

it looks great from a distance, but as Illegal_op pointed out you need to smooth the surfaces, to do that select the object, go to the edit buttons(F9) hit ‘set smooth’ than the ‘auto smooth’ which should fix your problem.

thats really nice dude, really good for a first project, tutorials why bother…just experiment and if u get confused or something ask us, do u mind posting the .blend? i would like to try some things with this if you dont mind.

the next step, after fixing the smoothness, would be to add a light bulb.

Hmm… I just realised, I forgot to save it after I added the springs and fixed some other things. :frowning:

Still want the .blend? If so, drop me a mail at
stefan (dot) falk (at) bredband (dot) net

hmmm try opening the .blend1 it should save every 5 mins. erm can u fix up the spring first, ive never done springs befor lol.

Hmmm, yeah blender isn’t no-save friendly. Neither am I.

To enable auto save, do the following:

  • In the button bar at the (default) bottom of the screen, click the little square button with the two horizontal lines on it (top left of the panel) and choose ‘User Preferences’ off the list that pops up.
  • There you will find a section called ‘Auto Save’



Nice, good work for a beginner

Good work Stefan. It’s nice to see a beginner tackling a model with so much minute detail. Most of us started with slightly simpler things, like spheres and cubes, and 5 stretched and flattened cubes to make a table etc. :wink:

Blend on.