my learning or was very very wrong

(charlbeef) #1

hi, im still new to blender… and im still learning it slowly, but in a weird order…

i started blender when i found some really cool works on youtube that used blender,

then dug info on blender, and discovered how awesome and powerful it is and that it can rival most paid modeling softwares + great community… and most importantly… its FREE!. jesus. so far so good… just like another story on how most users found out about blender… but then here is when it all got distorted…

i downloaded and installed the software… great. looked for tutorials… still fairly normal… but tutorials are many,
and comes with a wide variety of topic… and i picked the wrong one by searching tutorials on interface and then…
modeling… learning the interface and keys and how to move stuff was going well… but once i hit the modeling part,
which was supposed to be the most exciting and even fun, part… i discovered that iv’e done something very wrong.
since modeling tuts will only go so far without learning the fundamentals…

one time i watched and follow along on a modeling tutorial just to grasp how objects behave… and no matter what i did
it did produce a different outcome from the one on the vid… i was also expecting it to be different, but not so different that it caused problems(artifacts and such)…

my learning order is: interface -> functions of common tools for modeling -> modeling -> fundamentals…

luckily there are REALLY helpful users in this forum that are willing to spend time and effort to help a newbie brother out.

im currently learning fundamentals from GuerrillaCG channel, a channel that’s almost or a decade old. sadly they stopped making videos very long ago…

p.s. if anybody has recommendations of something similar to GuerrillaCG channel, its very welcome.

(Roken) #2

To get started, look at Andrew Price’s beginners tutorials (blenderguru on YT). He’ll occasionally try to sell you stuff, but buying is not mandatory.

Having said that, his materials site ( has some awesome maps on it, and well with the investment.

(wolfie138) #3

i must admit, reading your OP, i have no idea what you’re talking about.

(Mike J. Gee) #4

Well… reminds me a bit to my beginnings, few years ago… :yes: … So… Wellcome to the Pack! :eyebrowlift:

besides what Roken mentioned there are some YT - Learning-Flows from CG Cockie out there. Thus You yet got into the basics, like UI and so on, It might be a good idea to start up from scratch, first with this one (7 Vids):

Then, if you are more aming to modelling, there is a huge bunch of Tut-Vids (63 in total), where any single one covers a special part of modelling technic. You can go through or time by time choose the next topic.

It’s more or less somthing like a collection of Blender-Tips/Tricks or/and concentration on a special technic.

Last but not least, the CG Cockie Clasics collection, which is mostly updated in on regular time-base with new content (66 Vids at the mom). Here are also included complete wotkflows for modelling f.e. a light-bulb or similar - plus - new features (or by the time of production, been new).

Further on check out the whole playlist-section on the channel

Or take a look directly to CG Cockie homepage, which you can access from the channel too.

So keep blending, keep your passion and good luck!

(Davide Coppola) #5

You should also check out the official Blender channel on YouTube, in particular the Blender fundamentals playlist.