My Lightsaber

ok iv been working on a lightsaber of sith origin. I am at a loss for what to do with it. i would like to put it into some sort of scene but dont know what to do. any ideas would be appreciated.
iv also created an anim of it turning on

C+C would be nice


I like the physical design of it, but somehow it looks a bit… Plain. Maybe some better materials might help, I dunno. Do you mind sharing how you animated the blade turning on?

yea the materials arnt that good really. im gunna work on them. For the blade i used the halo method. for animating it on i just scaled it down from the original size until it was inside the hilt. then i just did a Size key, scaling it back up, not dificult really.

ok iv been working on the overall design cus i thought it was a bit too plain, and iv also been working on the materials. i know the cap material sucks, i cant figure out how to get it looking the way i want. any ideas. C+C aprecciated.


Re: Materials. You need bump maps to give them more depth, you need colour maps to give them more dirt, you need specular maps to give them more wear. You’d be better off hand-painting these if you’re going for realism. Also, ray tracing should be turned on and you need ambient occlusion. :] None of these are as hard as they sound, though, don’t worry.