My Little Planet (Weekly CG Challenge)

Hi all,

this is my entry for the weekly CG challenge on FB… I hope you like! :smiley:
High-Res version coming soon on my blog!


I love this! Everything you could need in one place! never even have to leave haha. I like that you got Blender on the computer screen. I saw some of your other work on your blog and you’re talented. Keep it up Guss!

HaHaHa, very funny and creative! Love it.

Hey Guss , I see you are from Pretoria… my home town! I grew up in Capital Park. Love this entry and the art work on your blog. You are very talented indeed :wink:

@minoribus, Blender_Mania: Thanks guys! glad you like it. :slight_smile:

@shaderbytes: Hey man thanks! its always great to meet other blender users from SA! We should do a meetup sometime :smiley:

I’m releasing a free .blend from this project soon. stay tuned! :slight_smile:


I fel in love in this project. It’s just incredible.

@ Eyalmu thanks mate! :smiley:

As promised, here is a free .blend… I hope someone finds some use for this :slight_smile:


What a great concept. I like the style and lighting. Great job!