My logo

So I decided to make some kind of logo for myself, I’m not good with design and stuff, but anyway hare it is at 2 different angles


Nice Logo.

New version rendered with indigo

I’ll make another one from a different angle with indigo also, but that image has rendered for 15+ hours, so I won’t post the new one until tomorrow

wow loving the logo :slight_smile: I cant seem to get such clear images in indigo :frowning:

Nice job! I like the materials, i just can’t stop looking at them :slight_smile:

the matirials are WOW!! indigo is good i thought its bad i will get it:)

Ok, so the one from another angle didn’t turn out quite as good as this one so, I decided not to post it here (yet anyway), I might play around it some day and start the rendering again.

Anyway, thanks for the commnts guys, and yes, Indigo is amazing. It takes a lot longer, but the results I’ve gotten are completely worth it.

btw, does Indigo ever stop rendering, or do you just have to decide when it’s good enough, and stop it yourself?

I don’t think that an unbiased renderer ever stops calculating.

Could you give luxrender ( a try for your logo I’m really interested to see a comparison of the two in a real scene to judge where luxrender is at and I haven’t gotten around to setting up a scene yet.

here you go musk, this one rendered for maybe 5 hours or so before I stopped it as I realized I wouldn’t get a very good result.