My Mannequin being a drunky.

Hi ho everyone,
Those of you who have been reading any of my posts recently will know that i have been dipping my toes into the pool of Blender Animation, which i hope will be a hugely rewarding endeavour, however as you may know, i had trouble making my animations look organic and natural, partly due to my poor understanding of timing and partly because i was working with meshes unsuitable for simple armatures. For this reason i have created Mr Man Quin. he should be easy to model and animate, every limb is rigged, as is a simple hinged Jaw, eyebrows, eyes and eyelids. (the eyelids im particularly proud of, which are simply four “bowls” which rotate over the eyeballs to create the “blink” shape)
anyway, here he is, he says Hi;

As always, C&C will be exchanged for Karma,


jazz jazz. :cool:

Looking good. I’m eager to see some animation with this guy.

Thanks, im actually gonna do some stuff for the 11 second club with him next month. (not this month though, i dont like the sound clip they used)

stay tuned :smiley:

i lold at your “As always, C&C will be exchanged for Karma” comment. Anyways nice stuff dude.

This guy is really funny. I see potential with him beyond practicing animation.

keep the crits focused… thanks.


Awesome stuff!

I need to brush up on my animating skills myself.