My material isn't displaying properly

Yo I know like nothing about blender so I was interested in making some nodes in cycles. I did some stuff and it didn’t work so can someone please tell me why:

Here is some nodes:

Here is the file that I used to make the material:

Here is what it looks like. You might notice that the texture is only on one side of the cube for some reason:

But the preview says it should look proper (as in it wraps and it is reflective and all the stuff from the principaled shader.
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.

You’re using the Generated coordinates for a bitmap texture. By default, Cycles just projects the image into the XY plane of the generated coordinates (a vertical projection). Also, you’re scaling the texture by 0.5 which makes only 1/4 of the texture visible.

You should be using a UVmap, which tells the computer how to wrap a 2d image into a 3d surface (much like wrapping some present).

The texture indicates some directional structure, so I agree with Secrop you should UV this one.
For textures of the kind “could be anywhere at any direction without looking wrong” I might simply do box projection mapping.
Some of the shaders settings looks off too; sheen don’t make much sense on a metallic, and the use of aniso (default is z radial when a tangent is undefined) doesn’t seem to fit the object very well. Z radial should be used with lathed/machined object like a vase or knob.